Towards a Framework for the Levels and Aspects of Self-aware Computing Systems

Peter R. Lewis, Kirstie L. Bellman, Christopher Landauer, Lukas Esterle, Kyrre Glette, Ada Diaconescu, and Holger Giese
In Samuel Kounev, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Aleksandar Milenkoski, and Xiaoyun Zhu, Self-Aware Computing Systems, pp 51--86. Springer, 2017.

Increased self-awareness in computing systems can be beneficial in several respects, including a greater capacity to adapt, to build potential for future adaptation in unknown environments, and to explain their behaviour to humans and other systems. When attempting to endow computing systems with a form of self-awareness, it is important to have a clear understanding of what that form looks like. This chapter therefore first introduces the general concept of self-awareness and its various facets. Second, we provide an overview of the range of efforts to interpret the concept of self-awareness in computing. Third, we provide a structured conceptual framework that organises this variety of different forms of self-awareness. This provides a broad set of concepts and a language that can be used to describe and reason about self-aware computing systems.

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