Self-aware and Self-expressive Camera Networks

Bernhard Rinner, Lukas Esterle, Jennifer Simonjan, Georg Nebehay, Roman Pflugfelder, Peter R. Lewis and Gustavo Fernández Domínguez
Computer, 48(7), 21-28. IEEE Press, 2015.

Recent advances have enabled a dramatic change in camera networks. Smart cameras perform image analysis onboard, adapt their algorithms in response to changes in their environments and collaborate with other cameras in order to analyze the dynamic behavior of objects in partly unknown environments. A fixed configuration is infeasible to manage the trade-off among performance, flexibility, resources and reliability in such camera networks. We adopt the concepts of self-awareness and self-expression for autonomous monitoring of the state and progress of the camera network and adaptation of its behavior to changing conditions. We describe the building blocks for self-aware camera networks and demonstrate the key characteristics in simulation and a real camera network.

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