The Notion of Self-aware Computing

Samuel Kounev, Peter R. Lewis, Kirstie L. Bellman, Nelly Bencomo, Javier Camara, Ada Diaconescu, Lukas Esterle, Kurt Geihs, Holger Giese, Sebastian Goetz, Paola Inverardi, Jeffrey O. Kephart, and Andrea Zisman
In Samuel Kounev, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Aleksandar Milenkoski, and Xiaoyun Zhu, Self-Aware Computing Systems, pp 3--16. Springer, 2017.

We define the notion of "self-aware computing" and the relationship of this term to related terms such as autonomic computing, self-management, and similar. The need for a new definition, driven by trends that are only partially addressed by existing areas of research, is motivated. The semantics of the provided definition are discussed in detail examining the selected wording and explaining its meaning to avoid misleading interpretations. This chapter also provides an overview of the existing usage of the term self-aware computing, respectively self-awareness, in related past projects and initiatives.

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