A Survey of Self-Awareness and Its Application in Computing Systems

Peter R. Lewis, Arjun Chandra, Shaun Parsons, Edward Robinson, Kyrre Glette, Rami Bahsoon, Jim Torresen and Xin Yao
In Fifth IEEE Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems Workshops (SASOW), 2011, pp.102-107. IEEE Computer Society Press.

Novel computing systems are increasingly being composed of large numbers of heterogeneous components, each with potentially different goals or local perspectives, and connected in networks which change over time. Management of such systems quickly becomes infeasible for humans. As such, future computing systems should be able to achieve advanced levels of autonomous behaviour. In this context, the system’s ability to be self-aware and be able to self-express becomes important. This paper surveys definitions and current understanding of self-awareness and self-expression in biology and cognitive science. Subsequently, previous efforts to apply these concepts to computing systems are described. This has enabled the development of novel working definitions for self-awareness and self-expression within the context of computing systems.

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