Architecting Self-aware Software Systems

Funmilade Faniyi, Peter R. Lewis, Rami Bahsoon and Xin Yao
In Proceedings of the 11th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA 2014), pp. 91-94. IEEE Press, 2014.

Contemporary software systems are becoming increasingly large, heterogeneous, and decentralised. They operate in dynamic environments and their architectures exhibit complex trade-offs across dimensions of goals, time, and interaction, which emerges internally from the systems and externally from their environment. This gives rise to the vision of self-aware architecture, where design decisions and execution strategies for these concerns are dynamically analysed and seamlessly managed at run-time. Drawing on the concept of self-awareness from psychology, this paper extends the foundation of software architecture styles for self-adaptive systems to arrive at a new principled approach for architecting self-aware systems. We demonstrate the added value and applicability of the approach in the context of service provisioning to cloud-reliant service-based applications.

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