CamSim is a simple 2D simulation environment for smart camera networks. It has been used primarily to study the handover problem in distributed object tracking.

Smart cameras are implemented as self-interested agents able to work collectively towards specific goals. Our simulation environment allows you to concentrate on your algorithms for self-adaptation and self-organisation of the cameras within the network instead of spending time and money on setting up a real camera network. Furthermore, relaxing various problems of computer vision and network communication allows you to focus on the algorithms that really matter to you. The simulation tool allows you to evaluate strategies for object handover using different communication approaches in various scenarios. Besides random and predefined scenarios, users can easily create their own scenarios using XML.

Introductory tutorials are provided, to help you get started quickly.

We presented CamSim as a demo at the seventh IEEE International Conference on Self-adaptive and Self-organising Systems (SASO 2013). Check out the video we made for that:

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